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Welcome to the Bedlam Creations website.  We specialize in high quality die cut vinyl, waterslide decals, and rub-on decals.  Whether you are looking for one decal or one thousand decals we got you covered.  If you are looking to have custom decals made for you, then look no further.  Bedlam Creations can make custom decals for you at very competitive rates due to the low overhead expenses we endure.

Our die cut vinyl decals are made from high quality 2.8 mil cadmium free vinyl which is available in 10 standard colors and over 30 special and reflective colors.  We can produce die cut vinyl decals up to 13" [330mm] x 39" [990mm] in size.  Custom orders can be turned around in under a week depending on vinyl color.  We can also apply these decals to white vinyl banners.

We also specialize in waterslide decals for miniature figures and models.  Waterslide decals are made from high quality decal media and are printed with a decal specific printer.  Miniature figures and models take hours to paint and require high resolution decals.  That's why Bedlam Creations takes the time to produce every waterslide decal as detailed as possible and makes sure they are white backed so that they show up on the darkest of paint schemes.  We can produce custom waterslide decals as small as 1/32" [1mm] diameter and as large as 8" [203mm] x 13" [330mm].

Our newest product line is very exciting.  We are now able to produce rub-on decal transfers.  This means no water, which leads to less mess and a cleaner look.  Rub-on decals are printed just like our waterslide decals, except on a different type of paper.  We can produce custom rub-on decals as small as 1/32" [1mm] diameter and as large as 8" [203mm] x 10" [330mm].  The only draw back to rub-on decals is that we are not able to print white or metallic.

Bedlam Creations can also design advertisements, company logos, websites, and anything else graphical.  We use Adobe graphic design software exclusively and can help you submit your graphics to publishers and web hosting companies.  Our prices are very reasonable and our turn around time is fast.

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